Path of Building

Community Fork

A powerful build planner for Path of Exile

This project is open source and needs your skills! Take a look here to see how you can help out.
Don't worry, you don't have to be a programmer to contribute to issues or documentation.

Plan out your skill tree

See which paths are more efficient, let Path of Building advise you on which nodes are the most beneficial to your current build, observe how taking a notable passive point would change your stats.


Which gems would benefit your build the most?

Prepare your skill gem links, watch the benefits of socketing them in different items, have suggestions for the most powerful gems to add to your setup.


Build your dream items, and your current self found gear

Path of Building is able to understand most mods that can be found on items and lets you perform anointments, crafting, corruptions, and more. Set up gear sets and compare the effects of your changes.


What has the community added so far?

  • Pantheon gods: Plan out your defenses better by picking your Pantheon powers.
  • Mechanics: Impale, Elusive, Warcries and Exerted Attacks, Bonechill, Fist of War, and more.
  • All uniques available: Both older and latest ones are up to date, with most of their mods supported.
  • Unique mechanics: Ryslatha's Coil, Perquil's Toe, Thread of Hope, Split Personality, and more.
  • Skill mechanics: Warcries and Brands, Awakened Spell Echo, Vaal Arc, Void Shot, Snipe, and more.
  • Skill Tree: Added oil combinations to notables on the passive skill tree, highlight nodes by per-point power and opportunity cost.
  • Keystones: The Agnostic, Crimson Dance, Eternal Youth, Glancing Blows, Imbalanced Guard, and more.
  • Alternative Ailments: Scorch, Brittle and Sap.
  • Added many spectres: Redemption Sentry, Baranite Thaumaturge, Baranite Sister, and more.
  • UI for anointing items: Search notables, sort them by node power, and preview their effects.
  • Apply Catalysts to rare and unique items, craft (double) influenced items, filter mods by Prefix or Suffix.
  • Configurable Shock value, with guaranteed sources of Shock applying automatically.
  • Minimum and average calculation modes for Ailments, Regeneration, Armour, and effective health.
  • More detailed breakdowns: View your effective health pool against all types of damage, Aura and Curse Effect, effective Recovery, and more.
  • Plenty of quality of life: Search in drop-down lists, fit more jewels into the comparison view, use additional sorting options for skill gems, unique items, and node power.
  • Parsing for various mods on the passive tree, cluster jewels, skill gems, ascendancies, and uniques.
  • Lots of small improvements and bug fixes.
Path of Building Community is a fork of the original Path of Building by Openarl. It is actively maintained by Path of Exile community members for over a year now.
Features not originally present have been added, new mechanics are getting supported regularly, and any work on the original is integrated as well.
Want to join us? We would be glad to have you! Take a look here to see how you can participate in the project.